OCTOBER 19/22, 2023



To take part in the race every athlete must be 18 years old and hold an Italian medical certificate of competitive fitness (B1 protocol) for one of the following disciplines: ATHLETICS, TRIATHLON valid for the race day.
By taking part in the race participants confirm the willingness to accept and abide by the current race regulation and every instruction given them by the Organizing Committee.

It is possible to register for the event as a “LICENSED ATHLETES” if in possession of an Italian competitive medical certificate (B1) for athletics or triathlon and a regular license among those indicated below:


or if in possession of a regular foreign license for Athletics (IAAF/ITRA) or Triathlon (ITU).

Alternatively, it is possible to register for the event as “NON-LICESED ATHLETES” if you do not have a license. The Organization will proceed to register with “ACSI Athletics” all those registered in this way, at the time of the closing of the registrations. In this case, the registration fee is increased by €5.00 (cost of the ACSI license).

IMPORTANT: foreigners who do not have an Italian B1 competitive medical certificate must present the appropriate model of medical certificate provided by the Organization and downloadable HERE, having it signed by their doctor.

Foreign certificates issued abroad are not accepted.



Il GOLFO DELL’ISOLA TRAIL race is hosted by the Municipalities of the Gulf of the Island: Bergeggi, Noli, Spotorno and Vezzi Portio.
The RACE VILLAGE is located in Spotorno, on the TERRAZZA A MARE FERRER MANUELLI.
The two prologues on Thursday and Friday will be held in Spotorno with departure and arrival from the RACE VILLAGE, while the MAIN RACES on Saturday and Sunday will take place on a track that starts and ends in NOLI.



The PROLOGUE races on Thursday for WOMEN and on Friday for MEN foresee DEPARTURE and FINISH from the IL GOLFO DELL’ISOLA TRAIL race village at the Ferrer Manuelli terrace by the sea in Spotorno (SV). The route develops over a single 8 km loop with 400 m of positive difference in height. Both ELITE and AMATEUR athletes can participate.
Departures will be given to groups of 4 people with departures every minute.



Start: Noli (SV) Corso Italia – Arrival: Noli (SV) Via Fossato
The track is organized to cover around 26 km with 1.430 mt of elevation gain on mountain tracks, starting and arriving in Noli. The track will be signaled by specific flags.
The Organizing staff will be deployed on the whole track, including start and finish line, and will be available for any need during the race.
Service staff will be wearing a black T-shirt with the wording STAFF.
Each competitor has the obligation to strictly follow the path marked by flags, and to follow the instructions of the service staff and of the signs especially displayed for the competition, which shall also indicate, inter alia, any danger where maximum care is required.
Outside of the racetrack, the Organization does not guarantee the safety of the athletes, taking the race place in a mountain environment with all related danger.
In the days before the competition, each athlete is strongly invited to inspect the route in order to assess it to be fully suited to their skills and experience.
Competitors must, therefore, strictly respect the indicated race path, avoiding shortcuts or cutting sections of the track.
The separation from the official route, in addition to implying disqualification from the order of arrival, will take place at the sole risk and danger of the competitor, any remediation or safety outside the narrow race route not being guaranteed.
The topographic map of the route, which also contains practical information such as the time barriers of the checkpoints, as well as the GPS track, will be published on the event website; competitors are invited to download and take it with during the race.
Along the way they are provided various health-care points.



  • The bib (which can for no reason be modified, folded or cut), must be worn in constant view.
  • Windproof jacket (depending on the weather)

Running poles are not allowed on this competition.

Mandatory equipment will be checked before departure and during the race. Any breaches may be sanctioned with the disqualification or a 3 minutes penalty.



The maximum time for completing the race is 6 hours.
Every athlete who does not respect the established chronometric barrier will be excluded from the competition. After this exclusion, the athlete – if the delay was due to reasons other than physical indisposition – must return to the valley strictly following the path taken up to that time, and in any case following the directions of the security personnel.
Every athlete who does not respect the maximum time set by the gate for intervening physical and/ or health problems will be taken in charge by the Organization, which will take him back downstream. At the chronometric barrier, and at every point of the route, the Organization – at the unquestionable judgment of the health care workers in assistance – may exclude the competitor considered no longer physically able to continue the competition, even if the scheduled time gate is passed.



Every competitor who quits the race will have to communicate it to any control point showing the assigned race bib. In case the withdrawal does not require any medical intervention, the athlete will have to re-enter in autonomy along the indicated path.
With the voluntary abandonment – not following physical impediment reasons- and with the relative communication of said abandonment to the attendants on the way, all relationship of assistance from the Organization ceases. The downstream return of the athlete who has abandoned the competition for reasons other than physical problems, will therefore take place without any responsibility for the organization.
Following the competitors, the route will be fully completed by the “close-track” operators who will follow the last athletes thus ensuring, at the end of the event, the absence of remaining participants engaged on the track of the competition.



A refreshment point will be set up along the race track from which the athletes will pass 3 times (6th, 13th and 23rd km).
Athletes will be able to refresh themselves exclusively at the refreshment points set up by the organization and will NOT be assisted and refreshed in any way by their companions. The rules of respect for the environment are also essential, which provide for the collection and transport downstream of all the material used for refreshments, with relative direct responsibility on the part of each race assistant.

At the end of the race, in the finish area, in addition to the final refreshment, there will be a shower service.

There is no refreshment or shower service along the way for the PROLOGUE races.



The Organization reserves the right, at its own discretion, to modify the race course, postpone the start, temporarily suspend or permanently interrupt the race for all or part of the competitors, if there are situations that could seriously compromise the safety of athletes or persons present along the way (e.g. emergency rescue, rock fall or other).
The Organization may decide, in case of particularly difficult weather conditions, to modify or suspend the race during its development: in this case the ranking will be based on the times taken at the last check.



The Organization requires all athletes to respect the environment. Competitors are asked not to throw down glasses, paper, and waste of various kinds for which, at the refreshment points, there are special containers. Those who do not comply with these provisions will be given two minutes of penalty. The Organization shall not be liable for the loss/subtraction of material or personal effects left unattended before, during and after the race, at the race office or in the areas used for departure and arrival.



With the registration, every athlete expressly authorizes the organization to use the images that portray him during his participation in the competition in question (fixed and/or in motion) free of charge. The Organization may therefore assign to its institutional and commercial partners the rights to use the images included in this Agreement. This permission to use your image must be intended to be given indefinitely and without territorial limits, for publications, various promotional films and/ or advertising use and made on any type of media.



Entries must be paid exclusively online through the appropriate link on the official website of the race www.ilgolfodellisolatrail.com. Registrations will close on SUNDAY the 15th of October and in any case until reaching the maximum number allowed.

The Organization also reserves the right to increase the maximum number of members or to award wild cards even exceeding the maximum number of athletes admitted at its sole discretion.

The registration fee for the MAIN RACES is € 60.00 for LICENSED ATHLETES and 65.00€ for NON LICENSED ATHLETES and includes:        

  • participation in the race and assistance
  • race bib and refreshments along the route and at the end of the race
  • messages
  • shower service
  • diploma downloadable
  • official T-Shirt

The registration fee for the PROLOGUE races of Thursday and Friday is 30.00€ and for LICENSED ATHLETES and 35.00€ for NON LICENSED ATHLETES includes:

  • participation in the race and assistance
  • race bib
  • diploma downloadable
  • gadget

The maximum number of competitors is set at 800.



The race-bib delivery will take place in Spotorno (SV) at TERRAZZA A MARE FERRER MANUELLI on the days of:

  • THURSDAY the 19th of October 2023 from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm
  • FRIDAY the 20th of October 2023 from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • SATURDAY the 21st of October 2023 from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm
  • SUNDAY the 22nd of October 2023 from 7:00 am to 9:30 am


The presentation and technical briefing of the race will be held at the Race Village on a date to be defined. It will be our care to communicate all the details before the event.
Before the start of the race speakers will give information and indications on the conditions of the route and the weather on the course.



The first ten classified absolute male and the first ten classified absolute female will be awarded on SATURDAY the 22nd of OCTOBER 2023 at 8.30 pm at the Race Village in Spotorno (SV) where prize draw for all he present finishers of the race will take place. For those who will not attend the awards there will be no prizes. There are no age category awards.
For further information or other needs, please contact the Organization at the race office.



In case of waiver of participation after regular registration, in case of cancellation of the event due to force majeure and/or by the law of the competent authorities, or for any other reason:

  • in no case will the registration fee be reimbursed,
  • there is no provision for the transfer of race-bibs from one competitor to another,
  • the registration will not be moved to the next edition.

In the event of cancellation for reasons of force majeure or by law and/or the competent authorities, it is the Organization’s sole discretion to order a partial refund. If the maximum number of members is reached well in advance of the closing date of entries, the Organization may, at its sole discretion, establish a waiting list for any cancellations.



Any complaints must be addressed to the organization by writing to the following email:
info@trioevents.it or by registered mail to: TriO Eventi S.S.D. a R.L. – Via Caduti dei Lager, 36 – 25015 Desenzano del Garda (BS).



TriO Eventi S.S.D. a R.L. – Via Caduti dei Lager, 36 – 25015 Desenzano del Garda (BS).
Website: www.trioevents.it – E-mail: info@trioevents.it



The original version of this document is in Italian. In the event of any inconsistency or discrepancy between the Italian version and any of the other language versions, the Italian version shall prevail.